Information for employers

You are looking for qualified employees for your company?
Please form a contract with us.
We will then be able to put qualified staff at your disposal.

Reasons to work with us:

We are quick, reliable and purposeful.
As agreed with you and perhaps after having visited your company and its work places, we can
make you an offer which corresponds exactly to your requests.
After that, a personal interview and the start of employment can follow immediately.
On site, we assure a service which guarantees successful long-time work for all partners.
We are your partner at every moment in every case.
The bill you will receive contains all kind of social security contributions for all staff.
Obviously, we have at our disposal a permanent permission of the Landesarbeitsamt NRW
( labour exchange NRW ), a clearance certificate of the health insurance companies and the trade association.
Please inform us of your requirements